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 40 facts

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Hazel x

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PostSubject: 40 facts    Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:24 pm

1. im 20
2. calum's 20
3. im ttc
4. i am an angel mummy to 3
5. i love my family
6. i live with calum
7. i love sweet corn its my fav food
8. my mum has 7 dogs
9. i want my forum to be successful
10. i love true movies
11. i dont get on with the in laws
12. calum annoys me when hes on the xbox
13. ive been in my flat 4 months
14. i have a neice called Alicia
15. i have a nephew called Wyatt
16. i was jelous of my sis coz she got preg
17. i hate people that takes drugs
18. i dont drink much atall
19. im waiting to get my date letter for the fertility specialist
20. i would do anything to have a healthy baby
21. i used to cry when i stayed anywhere over night
22. i have anxiety problems
23. my birthdays in Sep
24. i am a natural blonde
25. i hate my body
26. i am spoiled
27. i hate 2 faced people
28. my dogs ginger
29. my neice calls me mummy loads lol
30. i dont like abortions
31. i hate girls that have babies for the fun of it then go out every day and get drunk :@
32. i want to move away from here
33. i wonna work in a nursery
34. i watch neighbours
35. i hate my dad! to me he's dead!
36. i have step family in America
37. i have a nephew in America
38. i love my girlies
39. i want to get married 1 day
40. im bored! lol


Mummy to 3 littleangel's and TTC

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40 facts
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