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 40 Facts about me

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PostSubject: 40 Facts about me   Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:13 pm

The title says it all hehe. Thats right 40 truthful facts about you,.

1. I have been pregnant 4 times
2. I had an abortion at 14 and my parents don't know about it
3. I spend wayyyyy to much on shopping
4. I spoil my baby rotten
5. Josh has the smallest age gap of guys I have dated
6. Ollie & Sophie have the same daddy
7. my 1st pregnancy the dad was 19, he thought i was 17
8. I lie about my age some times
9. I miss my sister Jessie everyday
10. My mum disowned me in 2009 when i got engaged and kept my baby
11. My mum lied about being pregnant to try and split me and J up
12. I HATE my stepdad, hes horrible to me
13. When my stepmum first met me she called me petal coz she could never remember my name
14. Roxanna is my middle name, Leeana is my first name but I don't like it
15. I wouldnt mind If ollie stays my only child
16. For 2 months Josh thought I was 19 not 16
17. Pink is my fav colour
18. I prefer to be called beautiful and cute than sexy and Hot
19. If Sophie had been born Ollie would be the only one whos birthday wasnt in January
20. I want to be a beautition
21. I call my in-laws mum and dad
22. Josh wants another baby before hes 23
23. I get drunk to easy hehe
24. I have been so drunk i fell off a deck and broke my arm but wanted to finish my vodka before i went to hospital
25. I cheated on my ex of 2 years and got pregnant, he didn't want me to abort it.
26. I only wanted to have kids between 15 and 19 when I was little.
27. When i was 10 I said i only want daughters, I would throw a son away
29. I had a crush on my brother-in-law before I met Josh
30. I am over protectove of my son
31. I HATE touching raw meat, I wont do it.
32. I eat meat once a week and Only chicken
33. Have to have a bannana shake EVERYday or i get grumpy
34. I'm a daddys girl
35. Everything has to be in evens i'm terrible
36. My brothers are well protective of me
37. I don't like my sister-in-law kim but I'm glad my brothers happy with her
38. I used to get into fights alot, I have a scare on my neck, wrist and tummy from fights
39. I was engaged to sammy-lee's daddy but called it off after we lost sammy
40. I have so many teddy bears in our room
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PostSubject: Re: 40 Facts about me   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:06 pm

i read them every time i go on your profile :)
i wouldnt have 40 facts :$
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jacqui lamont

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PostSubject: Re: 40 Facts about me   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:36 pm

1. im 22 and my boyfriend is 38
2. i had a m/c but never knew i was pregnant. :(
3. I love love love irn bru
4. my mum died wen i was 12
5. my dad threw me ot wen i was 15 for blowing a fuse on the t v
6. i hate giving my boyfriends daughter into trouble
7. i got engaged at 17
8. i get asked for ID wen i ask for fags
9. i hardly drink it gives me a sore head
10. i used to smoke dope. :(
11. my sister is the only one i talk to from my family
12. i love love love tattoos
13. i spend my money on a load of rubbish
14. i want to change my full name to something alot nicer
15. i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years
16. i was with my ex fiancee for 3 1/2 years but fell ot of love with him after 2 years
17. i hate my boyfriends ex wife
18. i would love to get married soon
19. my boyfriend has too kids one 15 and the other is 20
20. i want o be a child physcologist
21. im a bit
22. i really want to have a kid
23. if i cant have kids my sister is going to be a surrogate for us
24. i have got two gorjus nephews and a princess niece
25. i split up with my ex to be with my boyfriend
26. i only want one child
27. i cant sleep without my pooh bear cusion
29. i cant clean cookers or anything greesy it makes me sick
30. I love dogs
31. my fav colour is pink
32. my fav singer is pink
33. i have stopped smoking
34. my fav programme is tru blood
35. i dont go out much
36. i get on better with boys rather than girls
37. im a big flirt
38. i havnt got many good friends
39. im very shy
40. i love cleaning nd painting
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PostSubject: Re: 40 Facts about me   Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:47 pm

1. I was born and raised in south Africa
2. I first had sex at 13 coz we thought we were cool
3. I knew when I met rox I wanted to make her my wife
4. I never wanted kids but when rox fell pregnant i knew i couldnt let beanie go
5. I have a twin sister
6. I have 1 beer everynight
7. I used to smoke weed all the time
8. I dropped out of school when i was 16
9. When i was 17 I stopped talking to my family
10. Roxanna convinced me to reconnect with my fam and we are happier than ever
11. My favourite colour is dark blue
12. I love a bourban in the summer
13. I want to take my family back to south africa
14. My favourite food is tandoori chicken with poptao salad, mushrooms and choc fudge cake- my wife is amazing cook.
15. I thought Ollie was going to be a girl
16. I feel like the luckiest guy on earth with what i have
17. My evo is my working baby
18. I want to own my own buisness
19. I was prepared for Roxanna to say no to my propsal
20. I want another 2 babies before i'm 24
21. We are going to ttc in January once babes is 18
22. I'm a straight up guy
23. When i used to have sex i'd tell the chicks they Had to get an abortion if they got preg
24. The youngest chick i have rooted was 14
25. I love roleplay
26. I think about my wife and son 24/7
27. I have to contact Rox every 2 hours or i get worried someones try to steal her
28. I like showing my son off
29. My brother is my closest family member
30. Chromes are for homos
31. I have slept with over 30 chicks and had more than 20 1 night stannds
32. I spoil my wife
33. I'm going to buy my son a car when he's 5 if the wife lets me
34. I love family guy
35. I hate guys hitting on my missus
36. My son doesnt like me hugging other females unless its famile
37. My twin sister inspires me in life
38. I miss my angel daughter sophie
39. I'm 21
40. I love my wife
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PostSubject: Re: 40 Facts about me   

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40 Facts about me
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